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LINESplusPAPER Imagephoto and Collage with Planner from Gillio Firenze 


I'm Olivia. I am a Moment collector and catmom, wannabe minimalist with a distinct love for books, good stories, and an insatiable chocolate and planner addiction!


You've always wondered who LINESplusPAPER really is? Have a look behind the scenes and get to know me. I am a german girl with italien roots, love coffee in the morning, spontaneous adventures, I am a dreamer, planner lover and sun seeker! If I am not working on new projects you will find me outdoor photographing people in love. Most of the days (since covid: at home) you find me snuggling with my cat, reading a good book in the garden or learn new things. I love to travel and see new countrys (hopefully I can do this soon again) and love summer and the ocean. The sound of waves brings me joy and balance. I could sit on the beach all day long.

Something is missing? You still want to know something? Then write me!

Favorite Planner Brand: Gillio Firenze, VDS Custom
Favorite Size:

A5, Personal Wide, FCC

Favortie Fountain pen:

TWBSI Rose Gold Mini White Pen

Favorite ink:

Sailor Kiwaguro

Favorite Inserts:



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