It is time for change.



After my life was turned upside down and I had to reorganize my private life this year, it's time to question and restructure my professional actions as well. What does that mean for LINESplusPAPER (L+P)? I can not tell you, because I do not know it myself yet. 


With LINESplusPAPER a dream came true in 2020. Creating dividers for your planner and making you happy with my work still fulfills me a lot. Now it's time to redesign my Shop and especially to make another dream come true: selling my own inserts. Crazy but for over 10 years the idea has been slumbering in my head. It's time to reinvent myself. To broaden my horizons and above all to stop the stagnation that has crept in professionally. To leave my comfort zone. To take on new challenges and continue on my path.

You wonder why I offer my inserts for download? Because everything takes time. And I know, some of you have been wishing for the daily inserts a very long time. If there wasn't so much going on privately, they would already be in the store and probably there would be a printed inserts line for 2023. But that's okay, it's okay that it's not. It doesn't have to be perfect. It's allowed to be messy. 

To get back to the question, I want to give you something back for all the love you give me. This is something that comes from my heart. 

I hope you have a lot of fun with these inserts. The cool thing is, you can test new sizes ;) Since no master fell from the sky, let me know if you like them ;) 
Love, Olivia

L+P | Dailys for September
Personal Wide






A6 download
Pocket Plus (+) download


Instructions for printing (files are designed for a4 paper):

Download the file to your computer and use the free software from adobe: ADOBE ACROBAT READER DC to open the file. (Please do not use the printing option of your web browser.)

Change the printer settings to:

- print "double-sided"
- select "current size" or scale to 100%
- select "auto orientation"
- choose the option to "flip on the short edge"



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