Imperfect - Today Page Marker Notebooks A5, B6, TN, WEEKS

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Page Markers for Notebooks with Slight Cutting Imperfections:

Explore discounted Page Markers with minor cutting imperfections. While not flawless in appearance, their functionality remains intact, making them a practical choice for those unbothered by aesthetic perfection.

B6 Tabs have also slight off-center 'Today' label. This specific imperfection is present only in the B6 tabs. While it may affect visual alignment, functionality remains unaffected. Limited stock available with this characteristic.

Explore our versatile 'Today Tab Page Marker for Notebooks,' handcrafted to elevate your daily organization.

Please keep in mind that these Page Markers are not compatible with Ring Planners, as their slim design caters to notebook pages, measuring 0.1 mm narrower.

Transparency and Ease: Thanks to their see-through design, you can mark your pages without losing sight of your important content.
Today's Focus: The 'Today' Tab ensures you'll always find your current tasks and events in a snap.

Please note that each Page Marker is unique, and the appearance may vary. Upgrade your planning experience today and make your days more organized.