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Your Planner Upgrade: Customizable Pocket-Cards with three Tabs - light frosted plastic

Compact Pocket-Cards, measuring approximately 9.16 mm x 15.5 mm (or around 3.61 inches x 6.10 inches), offer you a sleek and practical way to organize additional information, notes, important contacts, and wishlists in your planner. These cards combine minimal design with durability, ensuring they won't add bulk to your planner.

Key Features:

Full Customization: Personalization: Choose tab names and their order—your words, your way. Infuse the Pocket-Cards with your unique touch through your own word creations.

Please Note:

  • Verify your text for errors as custom-designed Pocket-Cards can't be changed after production.
  • Each Pocket-Card set includes three dividers and three tabs in a row.
  • If you'd like a digital preview before production, please let us know in the seller notes. Keep in mind that this may slightly extend processing time.

Our Pocket-Cards are meticulously handcrafted and may exhibit minor color variations.

Typically, processing time ranges from 3 to 14 business days.

Enhance your planning journey and infuse it with your personal style using our customizable pocket cards. Start personalizing your planner today!