2024 planner setup sneak peek: organizing my year


2024 planner setup sneak peek: organizing my year

Dear ones, 

I would like to give you a little insight into my planner setup for 2024.  My current planner is a Custom VDS Planner in the color JS Velvet Undyed, celebrating its first birthday in April. It has been expanded to the Franklin Covey Compact size -  my absolute favorite, alongside Personal Wide.  Below, I'll walk you through the dividers and content I envision. And yes, some of it is already in my planner, but a lot of it unfortunately isn't yet. I heard February is the new January, right? 😉

At the beginning of my planner there will be a shopping list. I was thinking of Post-Its so that I can easily take the list with me. 

  1. Divider tab - Goals: This is where I plan to keep my bucket list, a brainstorming list and my vision board. My quarterly overview to plan important dates in advance will also find a place here. 
  2. Divider tab - Projects: This area is reserved for project lists. I plan to design a customizable layout suitable for different projects.
  3. Divider tab - Home & Living: This is the area that will contain general private to-do lists - nothing urgent, more like garden and home projects, as well as a household plan. Very important: My vacation packing list. It does contain all the must-haves that I need for my vacation. 
  4. Divider tab - BIZ: This tab is intended for business matters, with a checklist and important information or task cards.
  5. Divider tab - LINESplusPAPER (L+P):  A section that is an extension of BIZ and will contain material lists, planner sizes and other relevant information that only affects LINESplusPAPER.
  6. Divider tab - Photography: This will contain ideas for photos and videos, concept development, DIY instructions and advertising measures. Of course, there will also be a workflow list to keep track of everything.

    Week on two Pages Inserts for Ringplaner.
  7. Divider tab - Calendar/ Agenda:  This year I'm keeping very simple. Beginning with my progress tracker followed by my monthly overview on two pages (I love the check/grid version) and weekly inserts.  I have the calendar week in view, can't overload myself with tasks, but have everything that is important visible. I must say, I'm truly enamored with my new weekly layout. Interested? Find the inserts in my Etsy store, along with the month on two pages and the month tracker. This calendar tab is of course equipped with additional divider - monthly dividers Jan-Dec. 😉Logical, isn't it?
  8. Financial divider tab consideration: I'm thinking about creating a divider for the profit-first system and tracking all business expenses as well as a list of my contracts. We'll see ;)
  9. Divider tab - Inspiration: A dedicated space to collect heartwarming customer feedback, inspiring quotes, and creative ideas. A source of motivation on challenging days.
  10. PLUS - MY PAGE MARKER (I love it!): A quick and easy way to locate the current page and jot down notes extending beyond the week.

Other considerations include no-spend cards, decluttering sheets, task cards...

This year, I aim to establish a clear separation between personal and business tasks to stay focused at work and avoid distractions from "unimportant to-dos“. I'm eager to use it predominantly for my business.

What are your thoughts on the idea? Feel free to share your opinion! 

If you have questions, suggestions, or requests, drop me a message.


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