Divider for Ringplanner, Register für Planer - Tabs with custom foiled letter and text.

- dividers and minimal stationery items -

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Still searching for custom plastic dividers with your own text on it?
Than welcome to my little space! I create your dream dividers!

Planner with Inserts - daily Planning Routine in a Ringplanner. Sitting on the ground with my Planner.

Handmade Dividers

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Minimalist design meets contemporary planner love.
Here you find handmade dividers for your ring planner.

The special feature: Your desired text is freely selectable and will be printed by hand with a special foil on the plastic dividers. This makes every divider set as unique as you and me!

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These dividers are the perfect addition to my planner! I love being able to chose my own titles as “Plan, Create, and Grow” so perfectly capture what I hope to use this planner for! I feel like a kid again making a beautiful way to keep myself organized.

23. March 2021


I love my new dividers. The quality is amazing. They are definitely worth the wait. Highly recommend this shop.

23. March 2021


Olivia’s dividers are of best quality and beautiful design, so many times ordered and always perfect. Thank you so much

23. March 2021


Olivia is amazing! Her packaging is adorable, she’s willing to go above and beyond and her products reflect that! Could not be happier!

11. March 2021


First, Olivia is just the sweetest person ever. I absolutely love her products and her customer service! I will forever be a customer!

26. February 2021


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