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LINESplusPAPER Imagephoto and Collage with Planner from Gillio Firenze 


Hello, I'm Olivia, your moment collector and aspiring minimalist. I find joy in the world of captivating books, have an irresistible passion for chocolate, and, of course, love collecting planners ;).


You may have wondered who's behind LINESplusPAPER. Well, now's your chance to peek behind the scenes and get to know me a bit better.
I'm not just passionate about planners - they are much more than just practical organizational tools to me. They are the interface between my thoughts and the world. As a passionate planner addict, I design personalized dividers and stationery to bring structure to your life while leaving space for creativity. In 2020, during a global pause, I seized the opportunity to give my creativity a new expression. Amidst confusion and uncertainty, I founded LINESplusPAPER – initially as a small Etsy shop. With a background in offices and a long photography career, this marked a dedicated shift in my focus.

I'm a devoted morning person, starting the day with a cup of coffee. Photography, breathtaking sunsets, and cozy evenings with friends make my heart beat faster. The world of travel and exploring new countries fascinates me deeply. I could sit on the beach for hours, intoxicated by the waves, simply enjoying the here and now. It grounds me and brings peace in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about me, I warmly invite you to get in touch. Your thoughts and suggestions are always welcome.

Favorite Planner Brand: Gillio Firenze, VDS Custom
Favorite Size:

A5, Personal Wide, FCC

Favortie Fountain pen:

TWBSI Rose Gold Mini White Pen

Favorite ink:

Sailor Kiwaguro

Favorite Inserts:



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