Ring Planner Sizes Compared: Finding Your Perfect Fit

If you're feeling a bit lost in the world of Ring planners and unsure which size is your perfect fit, there's no need to worry! I've put together an easy-to-follow guide to help you navigate this world within the planner community.
If you love expansive pages for big ideas, then A5, Personal Wide (PW), and Franklin Covey Compact (FCC) sizes are your best bets. These sizes offer ample room for your creativity to soar. On the other hand, if you're always on the move, seeking a planner that seamlessly fits your handbag, you'll want to explore Personal, A6, Pocket Plus, or Pocket sizes.

Here's a snapshot of each size:




Compatible Planner


148 x 210

5.8 x 8.3

Filofax A5 Organizer, Louis Vuitton GM Agenda, Gillio Compagna A5, Elfenklang A5 Planner, VDS Manager A5,

Personal Wide

120 x 171

4.75 x 6.75

Gillio Personal Wide Planner, Elfenklang Personal Wide, Van der Spek Custom Personal Wide

Franklin Covey Compact

10,8 x 17,1

4.25 x 6.75

Gillio Medium XL, Franklin Covey Ring-bound Planner


95 x 171

3.74 x 6.73

Filofax Personal Planner, Louis Vuitton MM Agenda, Gillio Medium Planner, VDS Touch Me Personal


105 x 148

4.13 x 5.83

Gillio A6 Planner, VDS Senior, VDS Touch Me A6, VDS Custom A6


81 x 120

3.18 x 4.72

Filofax Pocket Planner, Louis Vuitton PM Agenda, Gillio Pocket Organiser, VDS Touch Me Pocket

Pocket Plus 90 x 127 3.55 x 5 Gillio Pocket Plus Planner, Mia Cara Pocket Plus,VDS Touch Me Pocket Plus


The most popular sizes are highlighted in brown.


Divider size comparison:

Planner Divider Tab Size Comparison