Ring-bound Planner

Not sure which Planner size is right for you? I have created a small guide with the most common ring planner sizes, which are very popular in the planner community.

If you tend to write big and need a lot of space in your planner, then I advise you to take a look at the planner sizes A5, Personal Wide (PW) or Franklin Covey Compact (FCC). For on the go and for the handbag, the following sizes are worth a look: Personal, A6, Pocket Plus or Pocket.

The most important information about each size at a glance:




possible Planner


148 x 210

5.8 x 8.3

Filofax A5 Organizer, Louis Vuitton GM Agenda, Gillio Compagna A5, Elfenklang A5 Planner, VDS Manager A5

Personal Wide

120 x 171

4.75 x 6.75

fits Gillio Personal Wide Planner, Elfenklang Personal Wide,

Franklin Covey Compact

10,8 x 17,1

4.25 x 6.75

Fits in Gillio Medium XL, Franklin Covey Ring bound Planner


95 x 171

3.74 x 6.73

 fits Filofax Personal Planner, Louis Vuitton MM Agenda, Gillio Medium Planner


105 x 148

4.13 x 5.83

its Gillio a6 Planner, VDS A6 Planner


81 x 120

3.18 x 4.72

fits Filofax Pocket Planner, Louis Vuitton PM Agenda, Gillio Pocket Organiser, VDS Junior

Pocket Plus 90 x 127 3.55 x 5 fits Gillio Pocket Plus Planner, Mia Cara Pocket


I have marked in brown the sizes which are the most popular in general.


Divider size comparison:

Planner Divider Tab Size Comparison